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Junior Compliance Specialist

Entrepreneur, lawyer, Compliance Specialist, source of information... At RegLab you become the key figure of our Compliance as a Service services (CaaS).

Vacancy Junior Compliance Specialist EN

About RegLab

We support law firms, notaries and tax consultants to fully comply with Anti-Money Laundering legislation (AML) by simplifying the client onboarding process, the file approval process and continuous monitoring of sanctions lists. We build solutions that optimally support compliance processes and help employees make efficient and better decisions. RegLab was founded on the belief that compliance processes should be fast, simple and customer-oriented. The combination of Know your Customers, a case approval process, and continuous monitoring makes it perfectly suited for the internal processes of the legal sector.

About the position

Challenging. That's your job for sure. Within RegLab you will work together with the founders and the compliance manager to expand the new business line called 'Compliance as a Service'. This business line will support law firms in organising and keeping AML files in order. You will constantly interact with existing and new clients. You will become the AML source of information for lawyers, assess files and inform your lawyers about the latest AML developments. You will truly become the key figure of a new service.

Before you start, you will receive extensive training, to make sure you are fully updated and know exactly what is going on. And once you have mastered the AML and the assessment of files, you will soon be visiting law firms. For example, for a sales conversation to explain what our service entails, for reviewing files or for a walk-in consultation. In a nutshell: expect an exciting socially relevant job where you can significantly boost your development and future.

About the job

As a Junior Compliance Specialist, you will be working closely with both founders and the Compliance Manager of RegLab. For our new service, Compliance as a Service (CaaS), you will start by shaping our services and expanding the team. For example, we have the ambition to become the market leader in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe with CaaS. Your field has yet to be developed, which makes the work even more fun. You will be sharing new insights and developments with your colleagues.

Our expectations

You are very practical and will be standing on your own two feet as quickly as possible. After your familiarisation period, you can quickly start working independently and proactively. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to do everything on your own. Both founders and the Compliance Manager will help and guide you when necessary. By continuously developing your enthusiasm and your knowledge and vision, you will become a solid sparring partner, internally and externally.

We also expect this

  • A university master's degree, law (we think it is particularly important that you have taken legal courses during your studies and have basic legal knowledge).
  • Affinity with entrepreneurship, sales and the legal profession.

Are you interested?

Please fill in the form below. We have an ongoing evaluation process for all incoming applications, so you can expect a response within one week of submitting your application.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Joost Tulkens at

After we've reviewed your resume and cover letter, and provided you've been selected, you will be invited for an interview with our team. The first interviews are held with our founders.