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RegLab is a specialist in the field of automated AML compliance: a specific component within your business operations. To seamlessly connect the AML process to other work processes, RegLab connects with various types of software specialists. This prevents double and manual work, which saves you time. Moreover, these connections ensure that the margin of error due to the copying of incorrect data is significantly reduced.


Legalsense is a prominent player within the Dutch legal profession. With its online practice management software of the same name, it makes the work of thousands of legal professionals easier. Many of our customers use Legalsense: which is a reason for us to ensure a seamless connection to this software. Thanks to this integration, legal professionals can work on their (AML) cases with even more ease.

For RegLab users

Creating a file manually is not necessary. Your files are automatically stored in RegLab, filled with data from Legalsense. This prevents double work. In addition, as required by the AML and GDPR guidelines, you keep separate files.

For Legalsense users

Offices benefit from an extensive AML compliance function, without any hassle. In Legalsense, you can create an AML file in RegLab with a single check. In Legalsense, you can see whether your AML case is being processed or whether it has been completed and fully checked.



Offices that have a subscription to LexisNexis benefit from a seamless connection with RegLab. If you want more specific information about PEP lists and, for example, media expressions of your clients, we provide a thorough enrichment of your AML data with this connection.

RegLab compares the data you receive from your client with the data available in LexisNexis. If this deviates, you will receive a notification from RegLab, and a follow-up process will automatically be started.


Dun & Bradstreet

Our integration with this international data supplier provides added value for users. This connection is used by offices that operate internationally and that have a subscription with Dun & Bradstreet.

If you create an (international) AML file in RegLab, data about this client and those involved are automatically extracted from the Dun & Bradstreet database. This saves time by not having to search and copy manually.

Logo Minery Report - LegalSoft

Minery Report’s LegalSoft 

This comprehensive management software makes the work of thousands of legal professionals easier. Our integration enables legal experts to handle their AML cases with greater ease. 


Comply Advantage

Use our integration with Comply Advantage to screen for adverse media and have an automatic PEP check performed.


Power BI

Use data from RegLab to create analytics reports in Power BI. Find the insights and trends you need thanks to this integration.