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RegLab for Lawyers

Comply with AML easily without disrupting your client relationship

As a lawyer, you are busy with legal substantive work for clients. AML and Voda requirements feel like a major distraction. You need to identify and verify your client from the very first interaction. You also need to report any unusual transactions and comply with Voda guidelines. You should critically ask questions and ensure detailed recording of substantiated AML documentation. This takes energy and time.

When "onboarding" your client you are expected to meet AML guidelines. You need to lay a foundation for the dean’s AML check. These are challenging requirements and open standards imposed on lawyers under the AML. How do you efficiently comply with all this without annoying your client and disrupting the relationship of trust?

RegLab brings you software to automate the AML process. The same goes for the onboarding process. This makes this process much more comfortable for you and your client. After all, the software will be interrogating clients instead of you. AML checklists and manual forms are a thing of the past. Also, the support staff can easily take over the automated AML tasks, leaving you time for other matters.

AML module

This module is more than a simple 'check the box'. It is a well-thought-out workflow, making sure you are 100% compliant.

AML module

Voda module

This module takes care of the identification and mandatory recording for lawyers. You have a real-time overview of the number of Voda cases compared to AML cases.

Voda module EN

Sanction and high-risk countries check

RegLab checks all sanctions and high-risk countries lists and informs you about them.

Sanction and high-risk countries check

Approving the order confirmation

RegLab ensures that every client receives and approves the order confirmation, general terms and conditions and the privacy statement. Even if the general terms and conditions might change in the future.

Approving the order confirmation

Capturing & Investigating Risk Profiles

Risk profiles are automatically identified and continuously monitored. Any escalations, actions and investigations are recorded.

Capturing _ Investigating Risk Profiles

Getting started within a week

Do you want to get started with RegLab in the short term? For instance, because the supervisor will be conducting an audit soon? You will be up and running within a week.

Getting started within a week

The legal sector: a special place in our hearts

The legal profession has stolen our hearts. We were born in this sector and we grew up with it. Every day we experience how RegLab is contributing to dozens of legal offices. RegLab is the beating heart of the AML and client onboarding work process for these offices. We cherish how our services make everyone happy: you, your clients and us - the people using this software every single day. This amount of focus always keeps us, and you, 'one step ahead'. Get rid of concerns and embrace opportunities.

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Testimonials —


“We recently had an audit by the NOvA, and we passed with flying colors, partly due to the software and the compliance officer.”

Testimonials —

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

"A good AML policy provides a clear explanation of what you have investigated."