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Automated AML compliance and client onboarding for firms that take integrity seriously.

RegLab helps offices be 100% compliant without frustrations.
Thanks to automated, client-friendly workflows, no AML audit is skipped.
Clients, employees and supervisors are equally happy.

For lawyers —

Comply with the AML easily without disrupting your client relationship

As a busy professional, you most probably prefer to spend as little time as possible on secondary issues like AML and Voda.

For tax advisors —

AML-compliance without any time-consuming work processes

Complying with AML requirements and Dac6 is a challenging and time-consuming task.
How do you go about making things easy for yourself?

Be compliant in less time and with a big smile? It's possible.

With RegLab's software and additional compliance service, today every office meets the AML and Voda requirements. The AML work process and client onboarding are fully automated. The result is this: a streamlined working method for every professional who takes compliant work seriously. It allows you to bring in clients with more ease and with more pleasure. You have time for other things, avoiding high fines at the same time.

Knowledge Centre

The RegLab Knowledge Centre is the starting point for white papers, customer stories and blogs.

Find out everything there is to know about the AML, UBO, PEP and sanction lists.

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These offices rely on RegLab


Speed up client acceptance

RegLab gives you the tools to easily involve clients in the identification and recording of persons, representatives, UBOs, PEPs, structures and the origin of resources. Clients also receive and approve digital ...

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Record the file information

RegLab gives you the tools to easily involve clients in the identification and recording of persons, representatives, UBOs, PEPs, structures and the origin of resources. Clients also receive and approve digital order confirmations, general terms and conditions and privacy statements.

Record the file information

Check, approve and create an audit trail

RegLab takes care of the recording and audit trail of all compliance steps taken. As a result, you fully meet all AML requirements. Expect to be well prepared for the supervisor’s visit.

Check, approve and create an audit trail

We make compliance perfectly easy


RegLab's AML module is more than a straightforward 'check the box'. It is a fully thought-out workflow, which ensures that you
are 100% compliant.

It ensures the identification and verification of clients and the recognition of unusual transactions. You adhere entirely to the latest guidelines and are prepared for an audit.


RegLab takes care of the identification and mandatory recording according to the Voda guidelines for lawyers.

With the Voda module of RegLab, you have a real-time overview of the number of Voda cases compared to the AML cases. Voda is an obligation that transforms RegLab into an opportunity to work in a client-friendly and honest manner.


As of 1 July 2020, intermediaries - and in some cases taxpayers - are obliged to report certain constructions to the tax authorities. This is about tax-aggressive cross-border constructions.

The DAC6 module supports you to comply with this guideline. Simple and fully digital.


Find out what RegLab can do for your office

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One step ahead

Regulations are subject to change. It is therefore quite a challenge to continuously comply with the compliant work guidelines. This will undoubtedly not diminish in the coming years. RegLab provides an automated process that fits your working method. A workflow that is constantly updated according to new guidelines. With RegLab, you are always one step ahead of legislation. That is what smart, future-oriented and carefree entrepreneurship is all about.

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